Our Place

For Startups, NGO's, or Artist Collectives

We understand first-hand how important it is to have a space for your whole team to work together in. An office where you can store the stuff you need, have good coffee, and a desk space to work at. All that on a flexible basis and for one day a week. We’re not out to make a profit from you so everything will be offered at cost price. You’ll have access to internet, a fair-use printer, office materials, and your own shelf.

Our offer: 100€ per month for one fixed workday, e.g. every Monday.

Taking the first steps on the wonderful experience of moving to a new city, be it temporary or forever, is a courageous move. We want to make integration easy by providing you with a kick-start in Vienna through our room offer: a furnished room in a central location, with everything you need for a good life, a nice community, and parties to meet potential friends at. We can even help you find a job!

Our offer: 600€ per month, all incl.

New / Short-term in Vienna?